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We are B.P.A Mauman srl

B.P.A. Mauman Srl / About Us

The birth of
B.P.A. Mauman Srl

B.P.A. Mauman Srl was founded in 1991 with a view to offering its clientele a modern, efficient service in the ceramic sector.
Our company is staffed by experts who have worked in the sector for many years and a team of young, dynamic personnel that is able, thanks to the new technologies, to guarantee targeted service on installations of the latest generation.

competitive prices

Wide range of spare parts

B.P.A. Mauman Srl supplies a wide range of original and other spare parts for the ceramic sector; we work with the major producers of installations and are therefore able to supply high quality replacements at a competitive price.
Our working methods, which are rapid and professional, enable us to satisfy the demands of our domestic and foreign clients thanks to the collaboration of our agents and our frequent calls on customers.


International retail

You can find B.P.A. Mauman Srl moreover in Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, UAE, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, North Africa, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary and Vietnam


B.P.A Mauman will be present at Coverings 2019, from 9 to 12/04/19.
Come find us and see you there!

Cevisama 2019

B.P.A Mauman will be present at Cevisama 2019, from 28 to 31/01/19.


Cevisama 2017

Cevisama is the exhibition where ceramics, bathrooms, ideas, materials and textures from all over the world come together in the same city: Valencia.